Enjoy Modelling with the Whole Family!

Create an amazing model railway layout as a family together with your children. Isn’t it an exciting idea? The children will be certainly very keen to do it.
In this age of computer games, model making is a hobby that provides lots of fun for both children and young people. It gives them an opportunity to celebratetheir success in makin gmodels with their friends, parents and grandparents. The joint planning of a models railway and its landscape, the choosing and purchasing of the »ingredients« of their own miniature world and building a layout as part of a team are experiences that help to join up the generations in a family.

Building model railways is a varied and creative hobby that encourages »hands on« skills, creativity and at the same time it teaches patience and planning skills. For all age groups models railsways are definitely a valuable hobby teaching its participants many things.
But how could you make the idea a reality? Our author, the well known modeler, Karl Gebele, has built together with his grandchildren Nico and Denis an attractive 1.90 x 1.00 m layout guaranteeing the pleasure of play.

In the Guidebook »A Family Hobby - Model Railway«, Karl Gebele explains on over 120 pages the step by step creation of this wonderful family project. It will focus on where children can play a part in the layout’s construction and which working steps are better carried out by adults.
At the end of this Guidebook you will find a list of the items used and the track plans for the assembly of the layout with MÄRKLIN® C track H0, MÄRKLIN® K track H0, Roco® geoLINE track H0, Fleischmann® Profi track H0 and Fleischmann® piccolo track N, PIKO® A track H0 and Tillig® TT track allowing you to build your layout with your preferred track system.

Content of the Guidebook
· Planning of the Layout
· Baseboard Construction
· Railway Lines and Tracks
· Tunnels, Landscape Construction
· Landscape Building
· Rock Structuring
· Grass Covering
· Reproduction of Water
· Design of the Paths
· Trees and Bushes
· Design of Details

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Guidebook "A Family Hobby - Model Railway"

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